TRINITY COLLEGE OF LONDON - WE DID IT AGAIN! Hard work and perseverance have paid off. | INFORMART

Hard work and perseverance have paid off.

Even this year we have reached our goal: all our 51 students who have worked throughout this year to get Trinity's GESE qualifications have achieved their success. GESE means Graded Examination in Spoken English and GESE exams are one-to-one, face-to-face assessments of communicative English language speaking and listening skills with a Trinity examiner. Candidates are required to show what they can do through prompts and authentic interactive dialogue. So we have trained and lead them towards this goal and they have been great.

This year our students have developed various degrees of competence ranging from the threshold level to the advanced (levels B1, B2, C1, C2) and, after the exam session, they have received their official Trinity College London Certificates.

We are very proud of all of them.

We have closed our journey together but since “Winners never quit”, see you next year!

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referenti: proff.sse Simona Mantegna e Chiara Bauer

anno scolastico: 2022/23